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Delicious Food of El Salvador!

Delicious Food of El Salvador!

       This Traditional Food of El Salvador, So Yummy!!!! I wanna eat again! but I don’t know where I can eat! have to go back this country??!!

Discover El Salvador

Discover El Salvador

           We joined a tour for transit in El Salvador!!! It was Amazing!!! I had no Idea about this country but now I know and Love hare!! It was Great Choice to join a tour!!! Thank you!!

Sun Hotel, Bolivia

Sun Hotel, Bolivia


We were in Bolivia for 2 weeks in the New Year's holiday of 2017-2018.

Why Bolivia?

Because Yuki is half Bolivian, there are his ground parents and cousins there

AND we live in Mexico now. Bolivia is MUCH MUCH Closer than Japan.

So he decided to visit there with me.


We weren't planning to stay at Hotel, but

People were talking about Protest which is start one day before we leave Bolivia,

the street which is to the airport, might be closed.

There is no other way to go to the airport (because in Bolivia haha I mean a lot of nature. if they closed the street, we need to jump to the jungle with 2 suitcases..)

So we decided to stay somewhere near the airport because is better than miss our flight.

we had 2 options,

1, stay at new cupcel hotel of the airport (maybe cheap,but maybe uncomfortable? )

2, stay at 5 star hotel in front of the airport (wow I want this. but expensive, so I give up)


First we went to the cupcel hotel to ask about prices, and

OMG its very expensive! We have to pay like each 20 minutes,

you know we need to stay One Night, not for just relaxing for 30 minutes,

So, just said Thank you and we went to the 5 star Sun hotel~~~XD


Sun Hotel is just 5 minutes by car to the airport. There is free shuttle bus from the hotel, there is no time schedule, just say a flight time and they drive for us even like 4am! (our fight was very early so. thank you!)

Price was not Very expensive, much cheaper than the cupcel hotel!!! for our situation.


As you can see, the view is Wonderful. we can feel just

BLUE of sky and pool  and

Green of nature.

It was January, Bolivia is always hot but when Sun was hidden by cloud, it was a bit cold in the pool!

there is Jagzy, Sauna, Mist sauna, gym...

We wanted to go out to the central city but also afraid of Protes.

So we were at this hotel All day but We could enjoy, enjoyed last day in Bolivia.


Hear is perfect for photo shooting,filming,playing and relaxing.

We will stay here again if Protest do something again 😛   hehe

but be honest, I wanna stay again for no reason ;P


Thank you Sun Hotel!!!

See you soon!!!

Wonder Walking Guanajuato, Mexico

Wonder Walking Guanajuato, Mexico

I really really THANK YOU for YURIE!!! Now I know about this Beautiful Amazing place in Mexico, this is because Yurie talked to me. We were planning what we do for one week when Yurie is in Mexico! Cancun? or one week Mexico city, or […]

Mexican foods recipe!

Mexican foods recipe!

Hello! I learned Mexican homemade food from my friend Isabel’s Mama, Teresa! 😀 I will share how to cook Sopa de Arroz. 😉 Fry 1 cup of Rice with Oil of 3 spoons. Until the color change Brown. Put 3 cups of Salsa. (Don’t surprise […]

Hair Salon: Friendly and Cheap in Cuauhtémoc, Mexico city

Hair Salon: Friendly and Cheap in Cuauhtémoc, Mexico city


Yuki needed to get a hair cut for his interview so we went to a hair salon near our place that our friends recommended.

Waiting to open in front of a salon. Blue, White and Yellow line. It’s remind me Disney! haha Donald Duck 😛 which is we love hahaha  Nice wall!

One woman came to a salon, we said “Hola! ” and she “Hola” with Big Smile 😀

She is a Hair dresser, Ana. 🙂

Yuki asked Ana to get a hair cut for a business.

She is very kind, friendly, and very bright woman.

The cost is just 60 pesos.

If you were looking for a hair salon or thinking to want to try a hair salon in Mexico,

I recommend here.

Event If you were not in this two, you can visit her and say like “I read about your salon:D”. You might be able to talk with Ana and get advices about Mexico city if she was not busy 😉

We went to a hair salon to get a hair cut but at a same time, feeling like we made a New friend:)


First Day in Mexico! What I did?

First Day in Mexico! What I did?

   Above the clouds, just Amazing. “There is always light behind the clouds.” Mexico city from the sky. My first impression was “Mountain”(because I saw a lot of…) and “Wow, What a Big City”. When this plane just arrived at the airport, I thought “Hello […]

Owl Cafe,Tokyo アキバのフクロウカフェ

Owl Cafe,Tokyo アキバのフクロウカフェ

Here is a Owl Cafe in Tokyo that I really wanted to go from few years ago!!!! with Moe (who lives in Malaysia but just came back to Japan for her holiday!) and Yuki (cameraman for this time:P) It’s my First time to MEET Owls […]

praha lost magic

praha lost magic

6 hours non-stop!!! walk walk walk…

My journey diary said I did’nt sit 6 hours and was keeping to walk 6 hours. I cant believe it!haha

Ok, at first, I was standing at the main train station of Praha. My first time here and I was like, “I HAVE NO IDEA WHERE AM I〜”. Even I looked the map, it was complicated to figure out so I gave up to look. I wanted to go other station. I asked people. A man said, “It’s one stop by train!” and  he left . (Nooo I wanted to know how can I get there on foot!). In the street, a woman said something in Check. (Thank you so much! But I don’t understand what you say!).

I just kept going,  just following my feeling as always.  And I found the station!! But it was not the one I wanted to come… A woman helped me how to get to the station where I wanna go. “You turn left there and turn right, and the cross in the park, and…”. It was like same situation when Haku is saying to Chihiro how to get to the right place. (from a movie:Spirited away (video)) I only had to imagine in my head. (Because she were talking fast and I didn’t have time to write a memo.)

finally I found the staion, and bought a ticket to Bratislava, Slovakia!!!!! whoooooooo!!!!

So I walked A LOT….like when I looked around, there were no people.

And again looked up, it was sightseeing place.

And again, I was in the top where I can see the view of beautiful Praha.

And when looked around, it was residential area, I was like “where am I~~~~?!?!”

And again, I was in the middle of huge silence park. I checked the map for the first time but I had no idea where am I in this map.

But when I saw a little boy who is walking with 2 dogs (Colley!!!!♡) and many dogs were playing in the grass, I was like “Oh~~~~♡♡” (because I LOVE DOG!!!Seriously, Having a dog is my Dream! cat too;))

I looked the map, tried to figure out where am I now but still I couldn’t find so I gave up and saw the sky.

I could see little bit of blue in the sky.

We should not always look at the map. Sometime we should see around.;)

But this time, I REALLY HAD NO IDEA WHERE AM I !!!

Co I asked old lady who walking with her cute small dog.

I said “excuse me” in English and she looked me and smiled to me.

I felt relief.

We talked a lot. Surprisingly, she was a guide for Japanese tourists in Praha. She speak Japanese very well!

Its like a miracle…one Japanese 25 years old traveler and Czech old Lady are talking in Japanese and walking with dog, seeing beautiful sunset in the silence huge park in Praha.

She taught me how to say “Thank you” in Czech,

She said “it’s sounds like a Japanese word as Jukyuban!”

(mean “nineteen” in Japanese!).

According to she says, the place where I was, was out side of the map!!! (Of cause I can’t find!!!! Because there is no in the map! haha) She surprised me “how did you get here??”  I said ”I don’t know, I was just walking and arrived here!! haha”

when we say good bye, she said, “it was very nice meeting you!”. (“Ohhh you too!”)

It was really like a “Journey”. Maybe I will never meet her again but I will never forget that moment. Even it was just few minutes. It’s very precious. 

A Story I Remember Forever in Vilnius, Lithuania

A Story I Remember Forever in Vilnius, Lithuania

Visiting a third county in Baltic states, Vilnius. A capital of  Lithuania. Before this journey-15 countries for one month, I had no idea about Baltic states and I thought this 3 countries, Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania were almost Same BUT No. Different. Now I know. […]

My Diary

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Visiting a third county in Baltic states, Vilnius. A capital of  Lithuania.

Before this journey-15 countries for one month, I had no idea about Baltic states and I thought this 3 countries, Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania were almost Same BUT

No. Different. Now I know. Because I Saw. Felt. Met.

Vilnius is kind of “mysterious” atmosphere compare with other 2 baltic countries.

Feeling like perhaps I can meet Witches somewhere around here. haha (maybe yes?)


Usually I don’t get lost. (rarely yes like in Praha) But when I was exploring Vilnius old town alone, I got lost! There were a lot of narrow streets, looks all same houses, seems it was not a sightseeing place, I had a map but I couldn’t get where am I now!

“Ok, let’s ask someone! ”  There were no people but I Found one old man who was sitting at the bus station!

“Excuse me?” I said.

He saw me and opened his eyes in wonder. Seems he doesn’t understand English.

I said very slowly “HERE, I DON’T KNOW ” “I, GO, THIS HOTEL” with my BIG GESTURE and while showing the map.

And he pointed a street, moved his arm and taught me how to get to the hotel I stay.

I said “Thank you” and went to the street and finally I got to the hotel 😉

So Language is Not So Important ;P   Important is how to “Tell” to someone. 

 I forgot his face, don’t know his name and I will never meet him again and maybe he have forgotten about me. When people helped someone, Usually a one who helped, forget about “I helped” but other one, remember. Sometime, Forever.        

Like here, I can’t forget the view when I was there. If I met Lithuanian people in future, I would tell this story. The memory gives me a nice warm feeling….


About the night, 2 British travelers asked me to go out and  we went with other German traveler to the bar where there was OBAMA! (the Lithuanian bartender said his name is Obama. When we called him “Obama!” it took a little bit time to notice himself though. haha) The night was Amazing. So fun. Usually I don’t go out when I travel because I was alone and very tired at night because I walk 6 or 7 hours, or 9 hours in a day. (I don’t use a public transportation because I don’t have a money of currency in each country, don’t know how to use and troublesome to ask. haha walking is better because I can see cats sometime♡)  Even though I LOVE PARTY!!!!!♡haha

So the night I spent with travelers was again, SO FUN. Everyone came from different country and tomorrow, We will go to different place in each. 2 British travelers were travel all the world, I remember next country was Brazil. A German traveler was traveling Europe by his CAR!! mmmmmmmm both sounds interesting!!!!!


Travel is Fun, Interesting.

Because it happen that I didn’t expect.

(In Good way and Bad way.) ( Fortunately, I don’t have bad experience so far. 😉


So, That’s why I CAN’T STOP TO TRAVEL!!!!!!!♡

to be continue…